Training Life

Sample Daily Schedule

Preclinical preparation on undiagnosed diseases, electronic records review

8 am Outpatient genetics clinic to see referred patients

9 am Team discussion with attending, genetic counselor

12 pm Working lunch

1 pm Inpatient consults

3 pm Rounds, testing recommendations, family meetings

4 pm Discussion with primary teams, triage

Undiagnosed diseases rounds; genomic testing and result interpretation


Life in the Bay Area

UCSF is located in the beautiful and vibrant city of San Francisco, where there is something new to explore on every block. Diversity makes it a unique hub for living. Galleries, restaurants, and running trails abound. The Parnassus campus is located in the Inner Sunset district, which is known for Golden Gate Park, one of San Francisco’s treasures. Mission Bay is the UCSF campus located right near the San Francisco Bay. University housing and a plethora of other living options are available. In addition, UCSF has many resources that promote personal growth and team spirit. A wide range of extracurricular activities is available, and UCSF offers state-of-the-art fitness facilities. The shuttle system makes transportation easy. There is always someplace new to explore in the Bay Area. For further information, visit these links: