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The global context of my research program focuses on understanding differences in the epidemiology, clinical management, and outcomes of children versus adults with kidney disease and the conduct of clinical trials to test interventions (such as blood pressure control) that will improve survival of patients with kidney disease. I am especially interested in transitions of care, such as that between adolescence and young adulthood, as well as that between advanced chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease (including dialysis and transplant).

My specific areas of focus currently include 1) cardiovascular risk in patients with kidney disease; 2) disparities in access to kidney transplantation and transplant outcomes; and 3) risk factors for progression of chronic kidney disease.

Education and Training

MAS, 06/2015 Clinical Research, University of California
, 06/2015 Nephrology and Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship, University of California
, 06/2011 Medicine and Pediatrics Residency, LAC-USC Medical Center
MD, 06/2007 Medicine, University of California
BA/BS, 06/2003 English/Biology, University of California


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