Scholarship Oversight Committee

The Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC) acts as the local credentialing arm of the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) in determining the eligibility for certification of all ACGME fellows to sit for their respective pediatric subspecialty boards upon completion of fellowship training in conjunction with subspecialty boards upon completion of fellowship training in conjunction with subspecialty program directors. The main focus of the SOC is oversight and approval of the scholarly activity work product as defined by the ABP. The SOC consistes of three or more individuals, at least one of whom is based outside the subspecialty discipline; the fellowship program director may serve as a trainee's reserch mentor and participate in the activities of the oversight committee, but cannot be a standing member.

The SOC in conjunction with the trainee and program director will determine whether a specific activity is appropriate to meet the ABP guidelines for scholarly activities. Scholarly activities require active participation by the fellow and must be mentored. The SOC will be responsible for providing the ongoing feedback essential to the trainee's development.

ABP Requirements for Application for Board Certifying Exam

The fellow and their respective program director coordinate the development of the ABP packet. Upon completion for subspecialty certification, the ABP will require:

  1. Verification from the program director that clinical and scholarly skills requirements have been met.
  2. Personal statement: Upon completion of subspecialty training the ABP requires that the fellow submit a comprehensive document describing the scholarly activity that includes a description of the fellow's role in each aspect of the activity, and how the activity relates to the fellow's own career development plan.
  3. Submission by the fellow to the ABP of the actual "work product" of the scholarly activity. Signature of the fellow, program director, and members of the fellows' Scholarship Oversight Committee on the submitted documents.

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