Faculty in the division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine are involved in a variety of ongoing research projects focused on clinical outcomes, medical education and quality improvement. Areas of interest include asthma, physician communication and care hand-offs, patient safety, quality improvement, and global health. The division participates in multicenter collaborative projects through the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related institutions (NACHRI), the UCSF Division of Adult Hospital Medicine, and the Pediatric Research in Inpatient Settings (PRIS) networks.


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Recent Faculty Publications

  • Tran A, Rushakoff R, Prasad P, Murray S, Monash B, Macmaster H. Decreasing hypoglycemia following insulin administration for inpatient hyperkalemia. J Hosp Med. 2020;15:E1. View on: Pubmed
  • Abney A, Monash B, Trappey B, Olson A. A tramatic traveler. J Hosp Med. 2020;15:E1-E5. View on: Pubmed
  • Gupta N, Cattamanchi A, Cabana M, Jennings B, Parikh K, Kaiser S. Implementing pediatric inpatient asthma pathways. J Ashtma. 2020;Mar 18:1-10. View on: Pubmed
  • Worster D, Franke M, Bazúa R, Flores H, García Z, Krupp J, Maza J, Palazuelos L, Rodríguez K, Newman PM, Palazuelos D. Observational stepped-wedge analysis of a community health worker-led intervention for diabetes and hypertension in rural Mexico. BMJ Open. 2020;10)3:e034749. View on: Pubmed
  • Ravid N, Zamora K, Rehm R, Okumura M, Takayama J, Kaiser S. Implementation of a multidisciplinary discharge videoconference for children with medical complexity: A pilot study. Pilot Feasibility Sud. 2020;18:6-27. View on: Pubmed
  • Steurer MA, Costello J, Baer RJ, Oltman SP, Feuer SK, Pacheco-Werner T, Rogers E, Jankowska MM, Block J, McCarthy M, Pantell MS, Chambers C, Ryckman KK, Jelliffe-Pawlowski LL. Cohort study of respiratory hospital admissions, air quality and sociodemographic factors in preterm infants born in California. Paediatr Perinat Epidemiol. 2020;34(2):130-138. View on: Pubmed
  • Pantell M, Kaiser S, Torres J, Gottlieb L, Adler N. Associations between social factor documentation and hospital length of stay and readmission among children. 2020;10(1):12-19. View on: Pubmed
  • Stotts J, Lyndon A, Chan G, Bekmezian A, Rehm R. Nursing surveillance for deterioration in pediatric patients: An integrative review. J Pediatr Nurs. 2020;50:59-74. View on: Pubmed
  • De Marchis E, Pantell M, Fichtenberg C, Gottlieb L. Prevalence of patient-reported social risk factors and receipt of assistance in federally funded health centers. J Gen Intern Med. 2020;35(1):360-364. View on: Pubmed
  • Bekmezian A, Fiore D, Long M, Monash B, Padrez R, Rosenbluth G, Sun K. Keeping time: Implementing appointment-based family-centered rounds. Pedatr Qual Saf. 2019;4(4):e182. View on: Pubmed


Upcoming Presentations

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many research conferences have been cancelled. We will be posting abstracts of presentations accepted to conferences that were cancelled shortly.


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