Every year we revise and update our commitments to highlight our current committee’s vision.

2018-2019 Highlights:

  • Highlight inclusion as we foster a culture that not only includes but EMBRACES diversity of culture
  • Create a workforce that is representative of the children and families that we serve
  • Train pediatricians who will promote our mission as leaders in the field in our future
  • As a committee, we are establishing a firm anti-oppression and anti-racism stance. We will advocate for anti-oppressive views and interrupting biases.
  • We promote the transition from the identity of ally which is passive in nature, to advocate which is action-oriented
  • We commit to including research in our toolbox for advocating


Recruit and support pediatric residents, fellows, and faculty from underrepresented backgrounds:



Continue to encourage commitment from the Department of Pediatrics leadership to increase diversity in the form of leadership engagement, funding, and other key resources to improve recruitment of and support for residents, fellows, and faculty from underrepresented backgrounds.

Recruitment and Retention

Implement a robust recruitment and retention strategy for residents, fellows, and faculty from underrepresented backgrounds (through interviews, informal meetings, diversity dinners, serving as a resource, etc).

Goals and Metrics

Develop program-specific goals and metrics regarding recruitment of and support for underrepresented residents, fellows, and faculty.


Encourage mentorship of medical students, residents, and fellows from underrepresented backgrounds.

University Collaboration

Contribute to and support diversity efforts throughout the university, including the UCSF Differences Matter initiative, the GME Committee on Diversity, house staff diversity socials, and medical student dinners.


Support and participate in pipeline programs, advocacy, and service efforts in the community. Recruit underrepresented students nationally to participate in the UCSF Visiting Elective Scholarship Program. Advocate for financial support for underrepresented students participating in the GME second look.



Foster a culture that promotes and values diversity:



Create a climate that welcomes residents, fellows, and faculty from underrepresented backgrounds and encourages meaningful conversations around diversity in patient care, educational, and social environments.


Implement a longitudinal curriculum that teaches residents meaningful skills to address their own biases, support colleagues from different backgrounds, and work with a diverse patient population.



Foster a sense of community among residents, fellows, and faculty from underrepresented backgrounds and others who are interested in diversity-related issues.


Sponsor and encourage educational talks pertaining to diversity and cultural competency (e.g. Pediatrics Grand Rounds, lecture series, book club, journal club, etc)






Leadership Core

Kayla Karvonen

Jen Menjivar

Rebecca Olveda

Alma Martinez

Director of Diversity

Recruitment Chairs

Liat Bird

Mackenzie Hicks

Jessica Williams

Daniela Brisset

Jyothi Marbin

Eddie Cruz

Alma Martinez

Curriculum Chairs

Livy (Olivia) Low

Morgan Cronin

Cherrie Boyer

Camila Cribb Fabersunne

Dannielle McBride

Social Chairs

Jeff Ferrell

Maggie Montoya

Mansi Desai

Media Chair, Website

Emma Anselin

Mansi Desai

Community Outreach

Nehali Mehta

Daniel Woolridge

Trang Dihn

Carol Miller

James Mcguire

Sindhura Kodali