Fellowship Training

UCSF is one of the nation’s premier institutions for pediatric subspecialty training with a rich tradition of training future leaders in academic medicine. In each of our 15 fellowship programs, fellows are provided outstanding clinical training extensive opportunities to build skills in clinical, basic science, and translational research. Although each fellowship program is unique, we provide central support for career development through Fellows’ College and Scholarship Oversight Committees. To learn more, follow the links or scroll down this page.

Fellows' College

Our department is also proud of the extensive support we provide through Fellows' College, a program of professional development workshops for UCSF pediatric fellows in the areas of career development, research, teaching, education and leadership. The primary goal is the provision of specific information and skills to fellows so they become competent to navigate the complex world of academic medicine from fellowship through the early years of an academic career. Fellows’ College was developed to enhance the individual educational and professional development experiences that are available as part of their respective subspecialty training programs. To learn more, follow the link to Fellows’ College home page.

Scholarship Oversight Committee

Each fellow is provided with a Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC), which meets annually with each fellow to review goals. Similar to a thesis committee in graduate school, the SOC provides a formal annual review of scholarly work of each fellow to ensure that they are on track to be eligible for board certification. The review includes review of each fellow’s Individual Development Plan (IDP), curriculum vitae, and scholarly work products. To learn more, follow the link to the SOC home page.

Please see the Education and Fellowship listings under the respective divisions for more information on training programs and application procedures.

Pediatric Subspecialty Fellowship Program Directors and Coordinators (Meeting Our Team)

Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine
Marissa Raymond-Flesch, MD
Coordinator: Twinkle Patel

Hospital Medicine
Director: Darren Fiore, MD
Coordinator: Kaitlin Clancey

Allergy & Immunology
Director: Morna Dorsey, MD
Coordinator: Kristine Burget

Infectious Disease
Director: Theodore Ruel, MD
Coordinator: Yumi Kimura

Bone Marrow Transplant
Director: Alexis Melton, MD
Coordinator: Kristine Burget

Medical Genetics
Director: Joseph Shieh, MD, PhD
Coordinator: Thuy Nguyen

Behavioral Medicine
Director: Tom Boyce, MD
Coordinator: Twinkle Patel

Director: Luke Judge, MD
Coordinator: Kaitlin Clancey

Director: Akash Patel, MD
Coordinator: Kristine Burget

Neonatal Neurology
Director: Hannah Glass, MD, MDCM
Coordinator: Kaitlin Clancey

Critical Care
Director: Sandrijn van Schaik, MD, PhD
Coordinator: Kaitlin Clancey

Director: Farzana Perwad, MD
Coordinator: Yumi Kimura

Director: Roger K. Long, MD
Coordinator: Kristine Burget

Pulmonary Medicine
Director: Kensho Iwanaga, MD
Coordinator: Kaitlin Clancey

Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition
Director: Mel Heyman, MD
Coordinator: Yumi Kimura

Director: Erica Lawson, MD
Coordinator: Yumi Kimura

General Pediatrics
Director: John Takayama, MD, MPH
Coordinator: Twinkle Patel

Director: Sandrijn van Schaik, MD, PhD
Coordinator: Kaitlin Clancey

Director: Tiffany Lucas, MD
Coordinator: Kristine Burget

Transplant Hepatology
Director: Sue Rhee, MD
Coordinator: Yumi Kimura