Global Health Scholars Pathway

See a brief video to learn more about the Global Health Pathway from Dr. Sohil Sud


This is a multi-school, multi-residency program for those interested in careers in global health. Previous years’ scholars have come from the departments of Pediatrics, Medicine, Family Practice, Surgery, Orthopedics, OB/GYN, Urology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Toxicology, Anesthesia, and Emergency Medicine, as well as from the School of Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy. The Pediatric Global Health (GH) Pathway, part of the UCSF-wide Pathways program, seeks to provide graduate-level global health education to clinical trainees such that they:

  • achieve competency in core and child health-specific GH topics
  • receive exposure to GH mentorship and an understanding of potential career paths
  • make reasonable attempts to contribute to scholarly output in the field
  • belong to a multidisciplinary network of global health providers, administrators and researchers
  • act in a manner befitting UCSF that respects cultural norms, ethical principles, international partnerships, and cognizant of power and political dynamics

These objectives are accomplished via the following activities:

  • pediatric-specific GH coursework through the UCSF Dept of Pediatrics
  • interdisciplinary online and classroom-based coursework through the UCSF Graduate Medical Education
  • cohort-based sessions including seminars, mentor meetings, and journal clubs
  • opportunity to participate in a safe and supported field experience
  • completion of a mentored global health project
  • formal presentation of the trainee’s global health activities and/or research findings

Selection Process

Applications are open in mid-November, and due in mid-January of the intern year. The program seeks applicants at the PGY-2 or beyond with a specific commitment to global health. Future plans may include clinical work, research, and program or policy development relating to global health. Participants will obtain clinical experience in a developing country, join a local community of like-minded faculty and trainees from a variety of specialties and disciplines, participate in didactic curriculum specifically addressing issues of global health and complete a mentored scholarly project relating to global health. Participants may take up to 2 years to complete their project and immersion experience and will remain part of the program through the remainder of their residency.

Program Components

Month Long Intensive Course in Global Health: During this full-time course, scholars participate in small group skill building sessions, as well as interactive sessions with leaders in global health to discuss a variety of global health topics and learn basic research and program evaluation skills.

Web-based Longitudinal Curriculum: Scholars will complete a series of case-based teaching modules over the year which will focus on infectious diseases and public health challenges in developing countries.

Scholarly Project: Scholars will design and complete a scholarly project in global health mentored by a UCSF faculty member, which will be disseminated in one or more forums. The project may involve clinical research, program development or evaluation, policy work, educational tool development, or other innovative inquires.

Monthly Global Health Network Meetings: To foster community building between scholars, and to increase exposure to leaders in the field, a series of monthly evening meetings will be held.

Immersion Experience: Each scholar will spend a minimum of one month in a developing country practicing clinical medicine, conducting a research project, or involved in program development. As we believe it is critical that our programs are mutually beneficial, our goal will be to focus efforts on a few international sites, facilitating a rich commitment to truly collaborative research and capacity building.

Pediatric Global Health Interest Group: This group, started by residents, organizes meetings every 1-2 months. Meetings are attended by UCSF residents, fellows, faculty, nurse practitioners, medical students, retired faculty, UCSF pediatrics alumni, as well as residents from other departments and programs. The purpose is to expose trainees to global health mentors at UCSF and elsewhere, and to build skills that are important to global health practitioners (ex. ultrasonography in resource poor settings).

Pediatric Global Health Monthly Noon Conference: Every month there is a dedicated noon conference for Global Health within the Pediatrics Residency Program. The goal is to have a 24-month pediatric global health curriculum that continues over 2 years of residency. Global Health Pathway residents are required to attend these conferences whenever they are rotating at Mission Bay.