What is the Individual Development Plan?

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) provides a plan of action that identifies both professional development needs and career objectives. It is an action plan that the program director, fellow and SOC use as a platform for addressing specific skills and knowledge areas, training needs, scholarly activity, research/clinical activities and requirements in their subspecialties.

The IDP Portfolio

The UCSF Portfolio system is an electronic portfolio used to document progress in career development throughout fellowship training. It provides a space to record, reflect and present information about a fellows' professional development and training experiences to their SOC for the purpose of learning and assessment.

The IDP Portfolio 5 Step Review Process

The IDP Portfolio review process is an interactive effort between the fellow, the program director and their SOC. The fellow is responsible for their own individual growth and development and for identifying professional development goals and opportunities, seeking guidance and mentorship. Program directors and the SOC are responsible for assisting the fellow through career and professional development discussions during their three years of fellowship. For the process to be effective and meaningful, each phase must be approached as a joint endeavor. Completing the IDP requires an investment of time and energy. Allow for introspection and future planning.