Liat Bird


I moved around a lot as a kid, and lived in New Jersey, Missouri, Minnesota, and finally landed in California. Then I moved to Illinois, then to Massachusetts, and now, back to California! I’m easily distracted and like to learn about a lot of things, so I picked up an international studies major somewhere in there, I travel as often as I can, and write as much as possible.

Why did I choose UCSF?

As Dan West likes to say, the people! My coresidents are kind, giving, warm, funny, smart, and overall awesome, and the faculty are incredibly committed, caring, and great to work with. Also, it snows in Illinois and Massachusetts.

What has been most meaningful part of residency training so far?

The relationships with patients – I feel like I learn so much from them and their families, and it’s what makes the long days worth it.

What is my primary care track project (or a question of your choice)?

Well, it’s all very fluid but I’m working with two of my coresidents (hi Shamita and Zach!) and a group of teens at Huckleberry House to develop workshops around medical questions of their choosing (so things like drug use and how it affects the body.)

What do I think I'll do after?

There’s an after?! Nah, just kidding, I know residency only feels endless. At this point I know I want to provide care where it might otherwise not be given, in a community that I grow to know over a long period of time, and hopefully develop partnerships within that community to help them implement the changes they see as most necessary to advance their health. I think primary care will likely the best way to do that for me, but am still working on the steps to get myself there!