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Our vision is to train physician leaders who advance children’s health and health equity. We offer outstanding clinical training, professional development, and individualized mentorship in an inclusive, supportive community for the development of skills to excel as clinicians,...

Welcome 2020-21 Intern

Here are our 2020-21 Interns

Rhea Boyd, MD at AAP National Conference 2017

Watch as PLUS '13 alum Rhea Boyd MD speaks about the power of images in social justice, and helps pediatricians understand how imagery - and the lack of imagery - can influence the struggle for equity. This talk was delivered at the AAP National Conference in 2017.    

Jean Junior, MD, MPhil

I was born and raised in Michigan, and spent most of my adult life in Boston, aside from a year in South Africa serving at an HIV/TB non-profit and two years in England earning an MPhil in Evidence-Based Social Intervention. Overall, I just want to try my best in my lifetime to...

Building Provider Diversity

Good patient–provider communication is essential in health care, but it can be challenging when patients come from varied ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. “There is a significant amount of evidence that, to best serve a diverse population, you need a diverse group of health...