Pediatric Fellows’ SOC Manual



The Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE), hosted by the UCSF Library provides the tools and activities for instruction and collaboration for the Pediatric Fellows’ SOC Manual. The Pediatric Fellows’ SOC Manual provides the framework for fellowship training and career development and serves as the gateway to:

The ABP and Your SOC If you are new to the SOC process, you can start by reviewing the ABP guidelines and how the SOC process can help you succeed. This section provides information on the SOC, the Scholarly Work Product and the ABP requirements for Board Certification
Career Assessment A useful online tool to assess your career which can aid in the development of your IDP Portfolio
Developing Your IDP Portfolio All pediatric fellows are required to submit an IDP Portfolio annually. This section provides an overview of the IDP requirements, portfolio templates, and instructions and guidelines to a specific component of the IDP Portfolio.
Using the UCSF Portfolio System To submit your IDP Portfolio to your SOC you will use the UCSF Portfolio system. This section provides UCSF Portfolio help guides and short videos to learn how to make the most of your portfolio experience, step by step instructions for developing your IDP Portfolio and sharing your portfolio with your SOC, program director and SOC administrator
Research Day Every year in the spring all subspecialty fellows have an opportunity to showcase their scholarly work during the departmental Research Day. Please see the overview and abstract and portfolio guidelines.


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