Physicians in the Community

Advocacy and Social Determinants of Health

See a brief video to learn more about Physicians in the Community from Dr. Amy Whittle


Now more than ever, we need pediatricians who can recognize and act on the larger systemic and societal influences on child health and well-being. The Physician in Community curriculum provides UCSF pediatric residents with information, experiences, and relationships that deepen their understanding of social determinants of health. Residents solidify their role as advocates for healthy and safe lives for all children. The curriculum spans the first and second year of residency:

Year 1: During your intern year residents have protected time to complete web-based modules that combine videos, virtual tours, narrated talks, articles, blogs, and in-person experiences. Topics covered include:

  • San Francisco demographics and neighborhoods
  • Foster care & child abuse
  • School health & special education
  • Homelesness
  • Poverty & public benefits
  • Public health insurance & health care reform
  • Early childhood education

Year 2*: The second year curriculum focuses on getting residents into the community and developing skills as advocate. In the era of COVID19, we are finding ways that residents can safely go out into the community in outdoor settings (one of the advantages of SF’s year-round mild weather!) Elements include:

  • Visits to the Tenderloin community working with community-based organizations like GLIDE (a SF institution that is part social justice center, part family services provider, and part church)
  • Facilitated discussions around resident experiences in the community
  • AAP Legislative Advocacy webinar with AAP CA Director Kris Calvin
  • Media seminar focusing on new and traditional medium to advocate
  • Lectures on topics such as climate change and racism, immigrant health & policy, special education

*Global health and fast track residents will complete the first year curriculum only. PLUS residents do not have R2 PIC time (but complete some of the modules during PLUS).

For questions, contact Amy Whittle, [email protected]