PLUS Faculty

Jyothi Marbin, MD
Program Director

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Hometown: Brookline, MA
Undergraduate: Brown University
Medical school: Brown University
Residency: Pediatrics, PLUS, UCSF
Other Education/Training: certified tobacco training specialist
Interests: Secondhand smoke, impact of tobacco on vulnerable populations, technology and health, medical education, leadership training, advocacy, underserved medicine
Personal: Spending time with my family, reading, going to the movies, reading, biking
Projects: Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure (CEASE California); developing online training module for pediatricians around SHS reduction; inpatient and outpatient models of reducing SHS exposure; designing tobacco cessations for EHRs


Naomi Bardach, MD, MAS

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Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Undergraduate: Barnard College, NYC
Medical school: University of California, San Francisco
Other Education/Training: UCSF General Pediatrics/Health Policy Fellowship; Master's in Clinical and Translational Research, UCSF
Interests: Quality measurement, public reporting, quality improvement implementation, translational and dissemination science, and policy implementation.
PLUS Project: Literacy intervention for pregnant adolescents
PLUS Community Partners: Mt Zion Young Women's Clinic; KQED
Personal Interests: Music (singing, playing flute), my kids and family


Amy Beck, MD

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Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Undergraduate: Harvard University
Medical school: University of Connecticut
Residency: Pediatrics, PLUS, UCSF
Interests: Childhood Obesity, Prevention of Type II Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Immigrant Health, Mental Health Access
Projects: An Evidence Based Obesity Intervention at an Inner-City Elementary School in San Francisco
Personal Interests: Baking, Hiking, Running, Reading novels, Travel in Latin America
Legacy Report: Evidence Based Obesity Prevention in an Inner-City Elementary School


Eddie Cruz, MD, MPH

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Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Undergraduate: University of California at Berkeley
Medical school: University of California at Davis
Other Education/Training: Pediatric Residency at Children’s Hospital Oakland, Health Services Research Fellowship at University of California at Davis, Masters of Public Health at University of California at Davis
Interests: Health care disparities, Improvement in the management and treatment of childhood asthma, medical education, underserved populations
Community Partners: In development
Personal Interests: Increasing diversity in medicine, spending time with my niece, sports, running


Shon Jain, MD

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Hometown: Houston, TX

Undergraduate: Rice University
Medical school: Stanford School of Medicine
Other Education/Training: UCSF Pediatrics resident and SFGH Pediatrics Chief Resident
Research Areas: Quality Improvement, Health Care Delivery and models of care in resource limited settings, public health

Hobbies/Interests: My family & kids, hiking, sports (watching more than playing these days), the New York Times


Anda Kuo, MD

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Hometown: Laurel Hollow, New York
Undergraduate: Dartmouth College
Medical school:University of California, San Francisco
Other Education/Training: UCSF Pediatric Resident and Chief Resident;
MYC Urban Fellows Prorgram; UCSF Teaching Scholars Program
Interests: Medical education, leadership development, interprofessional health education, underserved medicine, advocacy, and social entrepeneurship
Projects: PLUS; Pathway to Discovery in Health and Society; California Community Pediatrics and Advocacy Training Collaborative
Leadership Observation and Feedback Tool (LOFT)
Personal Interests: Hiking, non-fiction writing, women in the workforce


Holly Martin, MD

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Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Undergraduate: Yale University
Medical school: Columbia University
Residency: Pediatrics, PLUS, UCSF
Interests: Global pediatric health, mobile health education, and immigrant health disparities.
Projects: Peru Child Health, a non-profit dedicated to improving the health and wellness of Peruvian children through medical service, education and research.
Personal Interests: Spending time with my daughters and husband, exploring Northern California through day hikes and car camping, baking sweet treats.


Alma Martinez, MD, MPH

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Hometown: Mexico City and San Francisco

Undergraduate: University of San Francisco
Medical school: University of California, San Francisco
Other Education/Training: Children's Hospital Oakland resident; Harbor-UCLA Neonatal Fellowship; UC Berkeley (MPH)
Research Areas: Physician decision-making and parental counseling for very preterm infants

Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with my family, reading, quilting, traveling


Meg McNamara, M.D.

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Hometown: Manchester, CT
Undergraduate: Bates College, Lewiston, ME
Medical school: University of CT
Other Education/Training: UCSF Pediatric Internship & Residency
Interests: Violence prevention, effects of childhood exposure to intimate partner violence, underserved populations, medical education
1) PRIME-US (Program in Medical Education for the Urban Underserved), development of clinical clerkship curriculum
2) Academy of Medical Educators project on "An Integrated Approach to Family Violence and its Health Effects: Creating a Coordinated Four Year Curriculum on Interpersonal Violence at the UCSF School of Medicine"
3) Dean's office project on Enhancing Education on Chronic Illness Care (CICE grant); Pediatric consultant
Community Partners: In development
Personal Interests: Long term continuity experience in child behavior & development provided by Maeve, Liam and Fiona Clayton; hiking; reading; the ocean, lots…


Ryan Padrez, MD


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Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Undergraduate: Stanford University
Medical school: University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
Residency: UCSF Pediatrics, PLUS
Other Education/Training: Urban Institute Health Policy Center, Avalere Health, Center for Medical Technology Policy, American Academy of Pediatrics Department of Federal Affairs
Interests: Health policy, quality improvement and health care value, health care systems, health services research, children with medical complexity, access and coverage for underserved populations, medical education, and interdisciplinary collaborations
Legacy Report: Ryan Padrez Report

Post Graduate Activity: UCSF Pediatric Chief Resident at San Francisco General Hospital (2014-15), Pediatric Hospitalist at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, Board of Director of San Francisco Medical Society

Projects: Co-Director of FLIGHT (FamiLy InteGrated Healthcare Transitions) a new UCSF program focused on improving care for children with medical complexity

Personal: My wife and kids, being outdoors (biking, surfing, skiing), live music, sports (playing and watching), and politics

Program Alumni:


Amy Whittle, MD


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Hometown: White Plains, NY
Undergraduate: Yale University
Medical School: Cornell Medical School
Residency: Pediatrics, PLUS, UCSF
Interests:Outpatient care for immigrant populations; Social determinants of health and medical-legal partnerships; Motivational interviewing; Using computer-assisted learning in resident curriculum
PLUS Project: Medical-legal partnership at San Francisco General Hospital, started Fall 2008. By having an attorney physically located at the pediatric clinics, patients will have access to the legal help they so often need with issues such as substandard or unsafe housing, public benefits, and special education plans. The SFMLP will also train residents on topics related to the social determinants of health. We hope to help the next generation of pediatricians to be empowered and informed to refer patients to the appropriate resources.
PLUS Project Partner: Bay Area Legal Aid
Personal Iinterests: Biking, swimming, yoga, hiking
Legacy Report: San Francisco Medical-Legal Partnership
Post -Graduate Positions: Medical Director, San Francisco Medical-Legal Partnership; Director, Physicians in Community and Develepment and Behavior curricula; Chapter I, AAP, State Governmental Affairs