Current UCSF Residents in Medical Genetics

  • Victoria Berger, MD
  • Aya Abu-El-Haija, M.D.
  • Daniah Beleford , M.D., PhD
  • Thoa Ha, M.D.
  • Anne Mardy, M.D.



Bryce Mendelsohn, MD, PhD Faculty, UCSF
Marwan Ali, MD Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow, Weill Cornell
Ahmad Alhariri, MD Hospitalist, Northern Maine Medical Center

Jacob Hogue MD

Geneticist, Tacoma, Washington

Divya Vats MD

Faculty and Director, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Angie Jelin MD

MFM/Genetics-Washington DC

Karla Bermudez-Wagner MD

Faculty, Texas Children's Hospital

Katherine Bianco MD

Faculty, Stanford

Ben Li MD

Faculty, UCSF

Swetha Krishnamurthi MD

Faculty, Greenwood Genetics Center

Chung Lee MD

Faculty, Geneticist/Biochemical Genetics

Trainee News
  • Ahmad Alhariri presented for the Undiagnosed Diseases session at WSPR chaired by Dr. Shieh.
  • Congratulations to Chung Lee on the fellowship for inborn error of metabolism training and PKU.
  • Kudos to trainees who participated in meetings of the North American Metabolic Academy and the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine.
  • 2015 Trainees: Dr. Arunrut and Dr. Berger move to UCSF
  • 2015 Trainees: Dr Alsdah presents a new gene at the ACMG meeting in Salt Lake City.
  • Dr. Victoria Berger - at MFM ultrasound meeting.
  • Dr. Teda Arunrut presenting at AAP.
  • Dr. Bryce Mendelsohn attending NAMA meeting on metabolic conditions.
  • Dr. Sparks shines on genetics to MFM.