Our Team of Experts

Care of neonates and their families involves doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, occupational/physical therapists, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacists and experts in developmentally-appropriate care as well as follow-up assessment. Neonatologists are pediatric specialists that take care of premature infants and full-term infants with serious disease conditions around the time of birth. UCSF began taking care of such patients in the Tooley Intensive Care Nursery in 1964.

We use an inter-disciplinary approach and we are proud that UCSF has been an innovator and has promoted advances in neonatal care for over four decades. Neonatologists are responsible for the overall care and supervision of infants in the Intensive Care Nursery. Neonatal neurologists are pediatric specialists that are expert in the assessment and treatment of brain disorders of preterm and full-term infants. Pediatric surgeons are specialists in the management of conditions of the brain, heart, intestine and other organs that may require surgical intervention. The UCSF Fetal Treatment Center was the first to pioneer advances in surgical technique to the fetus in utero.