Medical students

Medical Students

As a medical student in your third or fourth year, you are welcome to complete a rotation in our UCSF Pediatric Rheumatology clinics. Students doing rotations can expect to assist our faculty and clinical staff. You will interact with patients, gain experience in the pediatric musculoskeletal exam, and learn about the differential diagnosis and management of childhood rheumatic diseases.

The length of time you spend in our rotation can vary from 2 to 4 weeks.

Medical students interested in a Pediatric Rheumatology rotation must contact:

Doris Masferrer
Phone: 415-476-5943
Email: [email protected]

For further specific information about the actual rotation, including location of clinical services, scheduling, and parking information, please contact:

Catherine Le
Phone: 415-502-3243
Email: Catherine. [email protected]

Rotator Packet