Clinical and Translational Science Pathway

Our mission is to provide didactic training and an authentic, mentored experience in clinical and translational research for Pediatric residents interested in the pursuit of an academic career as clinician-investigators. We provide support through your residency to foster your growth as a future scientist.

Clinical and Translational Sciences research can be any type of research that involves patients and patient care. We welcome anyone who is interested in clinical research, whether you have previous research experience or not. Our goal is to help you explore your research interests in a supportive environment!

Program Components

There are four primary components to the Clinical and Translational Sciences program.

Clinical Research Design

You will participate in an introductory course in research design that incorporates the development of a research protocol, taught through the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and sponsored by the UCSF Clinical Translational Sciences Institute. Learn more about the Resident Research Training Program (RRTP).

STATA Bootcamp

We offer an optional STATA ‘bootcamp’ geared for pediatric pathway residents during the DCR course. We cover fundamentals in data management, basic descriptive statistics, and consultation as needed for programming support.

Mentored Research Project

Residents who participate in the CTS Pathway complete a mentored research project that is selected prior to beginning the Designing Clinical Research course.

Longitudinal Research Seminar

Participation in a longitudinal research seminar focused on various aspects of clinical- translational research methods.


Each participant will have four weeks of protected time per year, over two to three years depending on time of entry to the pathway, to complete research training and to work on the project. Whenever you start the CTS Pathway, two weeks of your protected research time will be used to take the 4-week Designing Clinical Research (DCR) course (the other two weeks will be a clinical elective where you can still participate in the course).


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Megie Okumura: [email protected]

Learn more about the Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and the CTSI Pathway.