Global Health Pathway

The Pediatric Global Health (GH) Pathway, part of the UCSF-wide Pathways program,
seeks to provide graduate-level global health education to clinical trainees to:

  • Achieve competency in core and child health-specific GH topics

  • Receive exposure to GH mentorship and an understanding of potential career paths

  • Make reasonable attempts to contribute to scholarly output in the field

  • Belong to a multidisciplinary network of global health providers, administrators and researchers

  • Act in a manner befitting UCSF that respects cultural norms, ethical principles, international partnerships, and be cognizant of power and political dynamics

These objectives are accomplished via the following activities:

  • Pediatric-specific GH coursework through the UCSF Dept of Pediatrics

  • Interdisciplinary online and classroom-based coursework through the UCSF Graduate Medical Education

  • Cohort-based sessions including seminars, mentor meetings, and journal clubs

  • Opportunity to participate in a safe and supported field experience

  • Completion of a mentored global health project

  • Formal presentation of the trainee’s global health activities and/or research findings

The Global Health Pathway Community

Our alumni are working to deliver pediatric HIV care in Malawi, build a pediatric hematology-oncology fellowship in Vietnam, and conduct global randomized-controlled trials on newborn kangaroo care delivery. Our trainees are exploring ways to address child health disparities through education, research, policy, and advocacy around the globe.

Meet Our Trainees 

Meet Our Alumni 

The Global Health Pathway Lecture Series 

We have an outstanding lineup of presenters who share their expertise, insights, and experiences with global health projects, research and initiatives. This series is intended for anyone interested in learning about the state of child health in various settings around the world. Selected recorded sessions are available for your viewing below.  

Global Child Health Lecture Series

Application and Selection

The program seeks trainees with an interest in addressing health inequities worldwide (including within the United States), dismantling structures of power and privilege, and furthering an understanding of humanity's interconnectedness in social, economic, political, and health realms. This might include a desire to pursue scholarly work focused on clinical sciences, implementation sciences, capacity building/medical education, policy analysis, advocacy, and many other fields. 

Applications typically open in the spring for incoming interns (PGY-1) for pathway entry in the Fall of the intern (PGY-1) year.  Residents must be in good academic standing to participate. Trainees enter the pathway with varying levels of experience — while the majority have participated in global health activities and/or received additional training in this area (i.e., MPH), no specific prior amount of global health-related experience is required. All are encouraged to explore this opportunity.