Primary Care Track

 See a brief video to learn more about the Primary Care Track from Dr. Emily Roth


UCSF Pediatric Primary Care Track residents are specially trained in clinic and community-based approaches to child health. They have additional outpatient clinic time throughout residency to improve follow-up and continuity with their patient panel. In addition, residents have time to develop individual or group primary care projects in areas such as clinic-based quality improvement, medical education, or community-based collaborative approaches to child health. Residents have primary care training time longitudinally throughout residency and during a three month longitudinal outpatient experience during their third year.

Primary Care Track Goals:

  • To gain knowledge and skills in primary care clinic-based approaches to child health
  • To learn how to access community resources to address local child health problems
  • To train primary care pediatric residents to collaborate with their community to develop programs that effect local child health issues
  • To provide mentoring and advising in primary care pediatrics

Clinic-based Training

All primary care residents are based at Mt. Zion Pediatrics for their continuity clinic and urgent care months

Second continuity clinic on ambulatory months to improve continuity and follow-up

Mentoring and practice opportunities from a broad range of academic and community-based primary care physicians