Imran Khan, MD, PhD


2003-2007: UC Berkeley, BA Molecular and Cell Biology (Immunology)

2010-2014: UCSF, PhD Biomedical Sciences (Immunology)

2008-2016: UCSF, MD (School of Medicine)


2016-2018: UCSF, Pediatrics


2018-present: UCSF, Neonatology

Board Certification:

CA Licensure

Research Interests:

Perinatal infection and inflammation

Lung development

Lung injury and repair

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Pulmonary hypertension

Research Mentors:

Dean Sheppard, MD


Dr. Imran Khan is a first-year clinical fellow in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine at UCSF. He attended UC Berkeley where he majored in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in immunology. He then attended UCSF as part of the Medical Scientist Training Program where he earned a combined MD/PhD degree with a PhD in immunology. He completed his graduate school research under the mentorship of Dr. Mark Anderson, and his work explored the role of the thymus in orchestrating T cell development and immune tolerance. Dr. Khan completed his residency training in Pediatrics before starting his neonatology fellowship at UCSF. He recently joined Dean Sheppard’s research lab in the Cardiovascular Research Institute and is interested in studying the mechanisms by which perinatal inflammation contributes to aberrant lung development.


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