Pediatric Emergency Medicine is home to many studies designed to improve clinical care. Ongoing projects include:


A visit to the Emergency Department offers opportunities to educate patients about asthma, but the busy setting also poses challenges. Patients and families are a "captive audience," but the visit can also be stressful. Dr. Christine Cho is exploring how video and computer tablet applications can be used as educational tools in this setting.

Simulation Trainings

Drs. Evelyn Porter and Christine Cho lead an effort to develop simulations as a tool for training physicians, trainees, and nurses in rarely used but critically important emergency medicine skills, including intubations, advanced life support, and trauma resuscitation. In addition, simulation is useful for strengthening team communication skills and procedural training.

Professional-Patient Communication

How to help physicians communicate effectively and professionally with patients and families in the stressful setting of the Emergency Department is the focus of ongoing research by Christine Cho, MD, MPH.