Susan Fisher-Owens, MD, MPH

  1. Oral and Dental Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect.
  2. The Interprofessional Role in Dental Caries Management: Ways Medical Providers Can Support Oral Health (Perspectives from a Physician).
  3. Constructing Matched Groups in Dental Observational Health Disparity Studies for Causal Effects.
  4. Oral Health in Children.
  5. Oral Health: A Critical Piece to Develop into a Healthy Adult.
  6. Preventing Oral Disease: Alternative Providers and Places to Address This Commonplace Condition.
  7. Oral and Dental Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect.
  8. Oral and Dental Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect.
  9. Increased public reimbursement for prophylactic visits with dentists associated with increased receipt of preventive dental services in children.
  10. Geography matters: state-level variation in children's oral health care access and oral health status.
  11. Does Payment Structure for Preventive Dentistry IMPACT ORAL Health Outcomes?: Table:.
  12. Gathering the Fish and Casting a Net: San Francisco's Children's Oral Health Strategic Plan.
  13. Congenital hypothyroidism presenting with seizures in a newborn.
  14. Broadening perspectives on pediatric oral health care provision: social determinants of health and behavioral management.
  15. Maternal differences and birth outcome disparities: Diversity within a high risk prenatal clinic.
  16. An examination of racial/ethnic disparities in children's oral health in the United States.
  17. Racial disparity trends in children's dental visits: US National Health Interview Survey, 1964-2010.
  18. Decreasing Cycle Time in a Multi-Disciplinary Clinic.
  19. Evidence suggests there was not a "resurgence" of kernicterus in the 1990s.
  20. Telephone case management for asthma: an acceptable and effective intervention within a diverse pediatric population.
  21. The complexities of home visitation for children with asthma in underserved communities.
  22. Most pregnant women in California do not receive dental care: findings from a population-based study.
  23. Assessing a multilevel model of young children's oral health with national survey data.
  24. Giving policy some teeth: routes to reducing disparities in oral health.
  25. Influences on children's oral health: a conceptual model.
  26. Racial Disparities in Children Hospitalized with Asthma at Academic Childrens' Hospitals.