Program Goals

  1. To provide clinical experiences in which fellows are engaged with patients from populations with diverse social, cultural, and medical needs.
  2. To provide clinical experiences that expose fellows to the full range of adolescent and young adult health concerns.
  3. To prepare fellows to take on leadership roles through engagement in interdisciplinary team approaches to clinical medicine, clinical education,public policy, and research.
  4. To provide longitudinal research mentorship that supports fellows in conducting research from hypothesis formation through dissemination of findings.
  5. To provide course work in and workshops in research design, biostatistics, and research ethics that will enable fellows to perform scholarly work that advances the field of adolescent medicine.
  6. To provide mentorship in Quality Improvement initiatives which allow fellows to develop skills in clinical self-assessment and practice improvement.
  7. To provide formal course work and mentoring in establishing goals and expectations for learners, giving and receiving feedback, and effective teaching strategies to prepare fellows to be leaders in medical education.
  8. To provide mentorship and role modeling from faculty members who are national and international leaders in adolescent health across a wide range of disciplines (e.g. pediatrics, internal medicine, psychology, nutrition, social work, nursing, biostatistics, and public health).

For more information, see links to Fellowship Program Overview and Application Process.