About Us

Fellows’ College is a unique three-year program tailored specifically to the professional development needs of ACGME and other academic fellows in the Department of Pediatrics. Working with subspecialty faculty, School of Medicine and University educational resources, Fellows’ College is designed to enhance fellowship subspecialty training program experiences with additional guidance and mentorship essential to prepare the fellows to maximize their educational, research and individual professional potential. The overall goal is to assist the fellows in making a successful transition from fellowship to early academic faculty positions as physician-scientists and academic clinician educators in their subspecialties.


The primary goal is the provision of specific information and skills to fellows so they become competent to navigate the complex world of academic medicine from fellowship through the early years of an academic career. The Fellows College was developed to enhance the individual educational and professional development experiences that are available as part of their respective subspecialty fellowship training programs.

The Fellows College is a professional development program for ACGME and all other academic fellows within the Department of Pediatrics.The College consists of three half-day workshops held in the summer, fall and spring of each year. Each session includes interactive introductory didactic talks and smaller topic-specific breakout sessions. All academic fellows participate in the program. Faculty and senior fellows from the Department and the University act as lecturers, mentors, and leaders of breakout sessions.