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Endocrinology fellows training lifeEndocrinology fellows training lifeEndocrinology fellows training lifeEndocrinology fellows training life

Policies and Procedures

The UCSF Program in Pediatric Endocrinology adheres to all the policies and procedures mandated by the University of California, its Graduate Medical Education Committee and the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Details of these policies and procedures can be accessed as follows:

1. University of California, San Francisco Housestaff Information Booklet - A guide for residents and clinical fellows. This 58 page pamphlet provides a wealth of details about UCSF, its philosophies and policies. It covers all aspects of appointment and employment, including selection policies, duties, responsibilities, salaries, insurance, evaluation, disciplinary procedures, non-discrimination, sexual harassment, grievance policies and appeals. It contains sections on California medical licensure, narcotic registration, CPR certification, etc. and as well as an extensive section on available services, including loans, parking, legal aid, etc.
The full text of the Housestaff Information Booklet is available at:

2. Further details are available for the following crucial areas:
Home Site of Graduate Medical Education (GME) Program Policies

3. Drug-Free Workplace - University of California Policy on Substance Abuse: 

4.  Graduate Medical Education Moonlighting Policy: 

5. Sexual Harassment Informal Complaint Procedures:

6. UCSF Policy on Sexual Harassment and Non-Discrimination:

7. Zero Tolerance Standard for workplace Violence:

8. Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students:

9. Policy on Information Security, Procedures, and Guidelines:

10. Supporting a Fair Environment (SAFE) The purpose of SAFE is to provide a method for identifying situations, environments, and individual actions that interfere with UCSF's goal of creating an equitable and inclusive learning environment.