Professional Development Committee


The Professional Development Committee was charged with developing and evaluating processes and content to promote good practices in academic faculty and fellow professional development. The role of the comittee was to plan and facilitate a variety of activities to assist faculty and fellows in the continuing development of teaching, career opportunities, research and clinical assessment. The range of activities extended to the formation of Fellows' College, the Scholarship Oversight Committee, Research Day, the Program Directors' Forum, the Early Faculty Development and Mentoring Program and the Fellows' Leadership and Advocacy Group (FLAG).



  • Developed and evaluated department-wide scholarly programs for fellowships, early faculty mentoring and overall faculty development
  • Recommended programs to improve teaching, research or service effectiveness
  • Served as a resource to the chair of Pediatrics, division chiefs and program directors for the scholarly activity and mentorship of fellows and early faculty
  • Developed guidelines for mentoring early faculty through the promotion and tenure processes under the guidelines of the School of Medicine and the University
  • Host Fellows' College for academic fellowship to provide guidance and mentorship in their professional development
  • Host Research Day to promote research by fellows and early faculty and to provide opportunities for collaboration and mentorship
  • Provided scholarship oversight for the Department and ACGME fellows to meet the requirements for ABP board certification
  • Evaluated and provided summaries of findings annually to the chair and the departmental faculty and fellows in order to act as a resource and catalyst for program development to improve the scholarship and professional development experiences of fellows and faculty