Welcome to Medical Education

The Division of Medical Education supports the development of excellence and innovation in teaching
and provides novel and effective methods to manage information and assessment data associated
with training. Our goal is to foster a community of educators that provides the most efficient and highest
quality pediatric education in the country. The Division provides centralized support for educational
activities common to all levels and models of pediatric training in the Department of Pediatrics.

Student Programs

Our Department provides
pediatric educational
opportunities for medical
students at all levels for the
UCSF School of Medicine, one
of the elite medical schools
in the country...

  • Pre-clerkship Experiences
  • Core Clerkship in Pediatrics
  • 4th Year Electives
  • EPAC Program


The UCSF Pediatric Residency
Training Program strives to
train outstanding clinicians
and leaders who advance the
health of infants, children, and
adolescents throughout
the world...

  • Categorical Program in General Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Leadership for the Underserved (PLUS) Program

Fellowship Training

The Department of Pediatrics
has a long and rich tradition
of training leaders in academic
pediatrics. The cornerstone of
our success is our fellowship

  • Fellow's College
  • Scholarship Oversight Committee
  • Fellowship Training Programs

Welcome 2021-22 Interns



Livy Low



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Why did I choose UCSF?



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